Raven is a prophetic life coach & lightworker offering compelling insight & clarity through her intuitive readings. Book your reading now to gain non-judgmental, powerful insight on love, career, or any personal issue! Raven specializes in empowering clients to make their own choices & giving them confidence to trust their own intuition. 





 Black Pearl is a black woman owned company, also offering custom crystal healing jewelry, and self care beauty products.

 We are naturally receptive to the power and vibrations of crystals as they send, store, and reflect energy. The healing properties in gemstones and crystals balance the body & mind, and release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.

You can wear crystals to attract love, wealth, luck, provide protection, grounding, and spiritual healing and more!

 We create custom handmade jewelry, which offers an easy, stylish way to experience the energy of crystals!

Stay tuned for crystal & herb infused bath soaks!