Hello family & friends! I’m starting a non-profit organization called Oya’s Crown, and my mission is to support, heal, and uplift African American women.


Oya’s Crown will host programs for financial support, and other critical resources for moms.


I’ll also launch programs for young girls to learn about fashion & beauty , and also learn the importance of budgeting.


I want to create creative mentorship programs for young black girls to learn from black women and promote entrepreneurship.


Finally, I’m going to create healing circles for black women that incorporate group therapy and creative release, because black women heal so much more effectively as a collective. We have a sacred sisterhood of natural healing amongst each other, and I want to harness that as a base for healing & growth amongst black women.


Right now I’m reaching out to ask for your support so that I can start this journey. I need basic startup supplies, administrative fees, and the cost to execute my first programs. Thanks in advance for your donation and supporting Oya’s Crown.